July 4, 2023

We are excited to announce our partnership with Binance Pay, which has over 30 million individual and corporate customers.

Introducing standardised smart contract APIs

More scalable metaverse economics by applying binance pay

You can easily sign up for the web3 metaverse through your social media account or log in through your web3 wallet (Metamask, etc.) along with social functions.

We believe that integrating the Binance pay into the industry's first high-quality metaverse will provide multiple benefits and promote mutual benefit between the two parties.

1. You can simply enter the metaverse through your binance pay account and immediately start various economic activities and game play, such as service subscription, item shopping, token purchase, token transaction (swap), NFT transaction, and DEFI transaction.

2. You can get the same benefits as above through your Google account.

3. By integrating the binance pay into the web3 ecosystem, you can easily trade Ethereum and Bitcoin and participate in various missions and reward systems.

4. Launch native tokens with high potential, list on binance pay, and conduct more airdrops for users.

5. You can easily reach more users through AR, VR, mobile, and console game versions.

6. We believe that we can entice users to use limited edition products sold by various global brands and celebrities through the binance pay wallet and share fees.


We are the first in the world to integrate the Binance pay within the high-quality web3 metaverse, so anyone can easily participate in the metaverse and defi ecosystem, and benefit from various rewards, as well as nft and token transactions, swaps, staking, and store commerce can be done so that you can get As a result, we believe that the number of Binance pay wallet users will increase, and the number of corporate brand customers will also increase. Also, by applying the binance pay as a payment method for branded products, we believe that a big business that can share sales commissions with them is possible.