Who we are and why we're doing this

Industry veterans who have developed blockbuster games and blockchain technology met to start research to solve the problems of existing games.

Our Mission

In a reality where popular games are copied and stolen without realizing it, and eventually similar games are mass-produced, we developed a Web3 metaverse that is unique, rewards are given to users, and businesses can activate commerce. By integrating XR devices, we create a seamless world where immersive, innovative features work.

Our Role

Collaboration with famous brands, celebrities, governments, and financial initiatives is realized in an ultra-realistic metaverse, and enterprise Web3 payment solutions are integrated to It is our role to create a perfect society commercial city by seamlessly connecting the real and virtual world.

Our Values

The goal is to realize a decentralized world for Our value will translate into billions of dollars as technology advances and with a strong community.


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We are a community of passionate humans building a decentralized XR metaverse.

Starkmeta, is metaverse & innovation company, comprised of a team of 50 industry veterans who have created some of the biggest game labels as well AR/VR solutions, and is lead by Co-Founder and CEO, Jaian Cuttari. Jaian previously founded Veltrust, one of the top performing management consulting & investment firms in the United States landing in the Fortune 100 fastest growing businesses of 2020 and winning the IC100 award consecutively in 2020 & 2021. Jaian also leads policy efforts and advisory to world leaders to push digital transformation by utilizing web 3.0 technologies in areas including but not limited to fintech, hospitality, agritech, fashiontech, AR/VR, art, health care and government. Jaian also provided solutions to clients in both the Govt and private sectors such as Hilton, NASA, Navajo Nation, Veterans Affairs and the Department of Defense.

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