Building an ultra-realistic XR metaverse based on blockchain web3

A highly scalable, fast and secure blockchain platform for distributed apps, enterprise use cases.


Powerful new features for solving challenges


Apply innovative technology that allows you to purchase customized products from the Metaverse store through AI assistant, or to create and wear them yourself.

XR (MR) Devices

By applying XR devices such as Meta's "Quest" and Apple's "Vision Pro", an innovative game that is highly immersive and satisfies all five senses is realized.

Unreal Engine 5

By applying the latest graphics and game technology of Unreal Engine 5, a reality digital twin is realized. You will feel as if you are in the real world as the surrounding environment changes in real time, as well as the change of time and season.

Web3 Modules

By applying a module that can easily integrate blockchain and Web3, you can start a game that makes money through mining compensation functions such as p2e and m2e in hyper-realistic games as well as existing games.

Various OS

Realization of technology that enables 4D experience by switching to various OSs ranging from PC, mobile (Android, IOS), VR, game console, and game machine.

Perfect Society Environment

Hyper-realistic metaverse games and various missions (like GTA) as well as integration with social platforms like "Discord" to experience a near-perfect social community. In addition, the latest technology enables fast loading as well as smooth simultaneous play of hundreds of players.


Smart Contracts Optimized for Metaverse Games

By using chains optimized for Web3 metaverse games such as Binance Chain, Avalanche, and Polygon, it provides the lowest fees and fast payment environment. In addition, by applying the DAO ecosystem, you can experience completely decentralized governance.


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Trusted by millions

We are natively integrated with MetaMask, the most adopted web3 wallet for cryptocurrencies, tokens, and NFTs. In addition, integration with the "Bitberry wallet" provides easy access for 300,000 businesses and individual users.

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Meet our Partners and Collaborators

Various corporate partnerships are expanding their collaboration business in Metaverse. We are onboarding various brands, celebrities, finance and government initiatives that connect metaverse games with reality.


Built by developers,
for developers

Using the uniquely developed Metaverse API/SDK, anyone can easily integrate blockchain and Web3 wallets, and build an asset trading environment such as NFT and virtual real estate as well as mining compensation functions such as p2e and m2e.


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July 4, 2023
New Partnerships
July 4, 2023
New Partnerships
July 4, 2023
New Partnerships